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Our Story

At Satellite Bio, we’re on a journey to tackle severe, life threatening conditions without a cure or effective treatment.

It’s that quest that’s led us to pioneer Tissue Therapeutics, a revolutionary new type of regenerative medicine. Our groundbreaking SAT platform makes it possible to turn virtually any cell type into a Satellite - a bioengineered tissue that can be integrated into the body through minimally invasive surgery in order to assist organs affected by disease. This platform has the potential to power sophisticated therapeutic solutions capable of treating a range of different conditions.

We understand that transformative innovation requires deep partnership and collaboration, and our diverse, interdisciplinary team works free of silos or traditional boundaries. Guided by our core values of authenticity, tenacity, courage, and integrity, we are standing on the shoulders of giants, and working together to make the greatest possible advances every day.

We believe that we are on the precipice of something truly great: a new way to restore hope to patients suffering from the world’s most elusive diseases. We are deeply committed to leading and realizing the potential of this exciting new frontier in regenerative medicine.

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We’re talented innovators, committed to improving lives and restoring hope by pioneering an entirely new realm of medicine.