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Partner with us

Collaboration with truly visionary partner organizations helps us deliver on our promise of improving life for patients by accelerating the groundbreaking new category of regenerative medicine that we call Tissue Therapeutics.

Our Partnership Ecosystem

Help us re-imagine the future of regenerative medicine

Whether you have innovative regenerative medicine materials or services, or are seeking a platform for in-vivo delivery of a unique therapeutic cell, we’d love to explore how we might collaborate together.

Our first-of-its-kind SAT Platform can turn virtually any cell type into bioengineered tissues able to be integrated into the body. We are always looking to collaborate with organizations with innovative ways to source cells.

The seed cells that power our Satellites require a specialized structure in order to become engraftable tissues that vascularize within the body. Our platform can support a wide range of biomaterials capable of providing this structure.

We are interested in expanding our manufacturing footprint and capabilities by partnering with organizations that possess the technology, expertise, and facilities required to produce our Satellites at scale in controlled, clinical-grade settings.

Tissue Therapeutics and our Sat Platform have the potential to treat a wide range of different diseases and conditions. We are eager to partner with organizations that have developed unique cells with therapeutic promise, but lacking a path to scale or viable route of administration in humans.

Join Us

Want to become part of the next frontier in regenerative medicine? We’d love to talk more about the ways we might be able to partner together.