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Pioneering the next frontier of regenerative medicine.

Restoring hope to patients by tackling elusive disease in an entirely new way.

At Satellite Bio, we’re on a quest to create a better way to take on some of humankind’s most elusive diseases. It’s an audacious journey, and it’s led us to an entirely new category of regenerative medicine: Tissue Therapeutics.

Tissue Therapeutics represents a revolutionary approach to using bioengineered tissues to assist organs affected by disease, and it lies at the heart of a future pipeline of cell-based treatments designed to tackle a broad range of severe, life-threatening conditions.

A first-of-its-kind platform. A new path forward.

Our powerful SAT (Satellite Adaptive Tissue) Platform makes Tissue Therapeutics possible, turning virtually any cell type into bioengineered tissues that can be integrated into the body to restore natural function.

Satellite Adaptive Tissues, or Satellites, can be placed in remote locations within the body to deliver the comprehensive cellular response needed to repair or even replace critical organ function in patients with diseases caused by the interaction of genetic and environmental factors.

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It’s an exciting new type of technology, and an enormous step forward in unlocking the true potential of regenerative medicine.

A collaborative, interdisciplinary team working towards a singular goal.

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    We’re driven by a deep commitment to patients

    Our work is grounded in a fundamental desire to ease suffering and restore hope for individuals and their loved ones who are navigating diseases with no clear treatment.

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    We value collaboration & diversity

    Traditional roles and boundaries don’t confine us. Executing on our promise of treating humankind’s most elusive diseases requires the collaborative efforts of a world-class interdisciplinary team with unique perspectives and a diverse range of expertise.

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    We relish doing hard things well

    Taking on the toughest challenges requires the courage and commitment to see them through. Transformative innovation and success comes from an unparalleled standard of excellence in our work, matched with a willingness to take risks and learn.

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We’re talented innovators, committed to improving lives and restoring hope by pioneering an entirely new realm of medicine.