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Pioneering the next frontier of regenerative medicine.

At Satellite Bio, we’re unlocking the full potential of solid organ cells as medicine.

It’s a breakthrough new approach to delivering living cells into the body where they can repair or even replace critical organ function.

An animated rendering of a satellite. It is a round, translucent pink disc which has some flexibility allowing it to bend and twist.

Our lead programs aim to augment or replace liver function

Satellite Bio’s Tissue Therapeutics enable the delivery and durable engraftment of expanded, mature hepatocyte cells. 

A truly powerful platform

Our Satellite Adaptive Tissue (SAT) Platform leverages three key technological innovations to unlock the broad application of solid organ cells as therapeutic agents: expansion, seed formation and stabilization. 

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Our Story

We are a passionate, interdisciplinary team that collaborates deeply and thinks differently. We have a high bar for study excellence, empowered decision making, and multidisciplinary teamwork. We’re committed to improving lives by pioneering a whole new type of regenerative medicine.

Partner With Us

Strategic partners play a crucial role in advancing our technology, and share our belief in the power of Tissue Therapeutics to deliver new hope to patients and their families.

With Tissue Therapeutics, we have the potential to help 1,000 patients with a single organ. This represents a tremendous opportunity to help the many people who require, but cannot receive, a liver transplant every year.

Laura Lande-Diner, PhD

President and Chief Business Officer

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Through precise manufacturing and analytics, we have honed a breakthrough new approach to delivering expanded hepatocyte cells into the body where they can repair or even replace critical organ function.

Thomas Lowery, PhD

President and Chief Technology Officer

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Join Us

We’re talented innovators, committed to improving lives and restoring hope by pioneering an entirely new realm of medicine.